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Meet Aris 
Championing the American Dream and fulfilling the American promise.

As a first-generation American, I am passionate about protecting our freedoms and ensuring a prosperous future for our children, where opportunities allow every resident to secure their own personal American dream. 

I grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 14. My mother and I came to this country with nothing, and subsequently, she had to work two, sometimes even three jobs just to keep a roof over our heads. In 2017, after Hurricane Irma, our home was flooded and unlivable. Upon graduating from the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, my family and I moved to Chicago in search of more opportunities. Through hard work and perseverance, I became the first generation in my family to attend university and started a small business to pay for my tuition. It was during my early years of college that I found a passion for helping others. I joined both the Community Relations Commission and DPFoP as their youngest members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while many politicians cowered, I ran the second-largest COVID-19 test site in the state of Illinois, working with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to duplicate my site's layout across the state. By the end of it, I had supported over 10 counties in California, as well as IEMA, IDPH, and the unified school districts in Washington, D.C., with COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.

I support our Republican party because I believe the Democrats have failed our children and are actively destroying opportunities for the middle class Currently, high school students in our district are falling behind drastically, with approximately three out of four students not proficient in reading, writing, and/or mathematics. I take a hard stand against politicians who treat their office like a personal piggy bank and forsake the needs of the people.

Aris Garcia 

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