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Unapologetic Conservative 

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I stand with parents against corrupt teachers' union bosses. 

Current officials have failed our education system. When elected, I will be tough on unions and ensure that good teachers receive the gratitude and support, they deserve, while holding bad teachers accountable. 


​School choice is on the forefront of my election campaign. 

Currently, nearly 3 out of 4 students are not proficient in reading, writing and/or mathematics. 

Property Taxes

With my experience working in the Cook County Treasurer's Office, we will beat the government in their own game. 

My office will commission a local property tax task force which will actively seek out taxpayers with refunds available and provide them with instructions on the paperwork required to secure their money.

Don't want to wait? Reach out to our campaign, and we will come to your business and organizations to assist your employees in securing their refunds and exemptions. 

The County Treasurer's office holds over 100 million dollars of taxpayer money that is due to be refunded. 


Americans must be the priority in legislative sessions. 

Undocumented immigrants who choose to commit violence and break the law must be removed from out of our communities. I support local law enforcment and ICE cooperation to ensure that criminals are taken off our streets. 

Undocumented immigrants who have been here without breaking the law must be given a choice: either they leave or you apply through the proper channels for a VISA. 

State politicians have made Illinois a sanctuary state. Currently, we have 425,000 illegal immigrants residing within our borders. 


Honoring Heroes: Standing Strong for Illinois Veterans. 

I will be a strong advocate for veterans in Illinois, working to ensure they receive the support and resources they deserve for their service to our country. Through legislative initiatives and community partnerships, I will strive to improve healthcare access, employment opportunities, and overall well-being for our valued veterans.

Illinois is home to over 700,000 veterans, making it one of the states with the largest veteran populations.

Women's Rights 

Women's Rights are Human Rights.

I am proud to pledge my support to the Women's Bill of Rights as a proponent of equal treatment between sexes. 

The Women’s Bill of Rights acknowledges that biological males and females have distinct and immutable biological differences that manifest before birth and become more pronounced as they gow and go through puberty. 

Right now, females are losing athletic, employment, and educational opportunities to biological males

Curb Government Spending

Wasteful spending erodes the services our communities need the most.

I will tirelessly advocate for responsible spending within our state government, holding officials accountable for fiscal discipline and transparency. By promoting efficient allocation of resources and prioritizing taxpayer dollars, we can ensure a financially sound future four our state and its residents. 

Investment blunders have cost the Kane County taxpayer $400,000

Local Sales & Income Tax

We pay more and earn less to fund union bosses and special interests. 

In a time when many families struggle to afford groceries, I will work tirelessly to pressure local officials to lower sales taxes. By responsibly allocating taxes, we can ensure that ordinary residents have more money in their pockets.

Nine states have a 0% income tax, and I aspire for Illinois to become the 10th state to achieve this. 

Elgin Residents pay 8.5% more on their goods and have an additional 4.95% deducted from their paycheck.

2nd Amendment 

Democrats are trampling on the Constitution.

The "Protect Illinois Communities Act" and Bill 3238, which ban rifles and body armor, are simply unconstitutional. 

I am committed to upholding the constitutional rights of the citizens of Illinois, including the Second Amendment. As your representative, I will advocate for responsible gun ownership, support measures that protect law-abiding gun owners, and work towards preserving of our citizens' right to bear arms.

",the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Special Needs 

Embracing Diversity: Supporting Individuals with Special Needs

I am committed to fostering a society that champions inclusivity and empowers individuals with special needs. Through collaboration with advocacy groups, healthcare providers, and policymakers, I will work to ensure accessible services, promote equal opportunities, and create a compassionate environment that celebrates the abilities and potential of every person, regardless of their unique challenges.


Together, let's build a community that embraces diversity and empowers individuals of all abilities to thrive.

In the United States, approximately one in four adults has a disability, whether it be physical, mental, or developmental.

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