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Everything you need to know to Vote in the Primary

Thank you for considering Aris Garcia as your conservative champion in District 49!

This page is dedicated to assisting you in making the most informed decision for your primary vote. We aim to illuminate the stark differences between our team and my opponent.

Click the button below to connect with a live messenger, where a real person will be ready to respond to any questions you may have during early voting and on election day. Expect a reply within 5 minutes during election hours.

Platform: Why go Conservative ?

Outside Platform Evaluations/Voter Guides

Aris Garcia (R) - Conservative 

Hannah Billingsley (R) - Not Ratable 

Maura Hirschauer (D) - Not Ratable

Aris Garcia (R) - Fully Pro-Life

Hannah Billingsley (R) - Not Ratable

Maura Hirschauer (D) - Will not support most Pro-life issues

Aris Garcia (R) - 16/16 

Hannah Billingsley (R) - 0/16

Maura Hirschauer (D) - 0/16 

*Conservative policy support is determined by 16 questions.

Aris Garcia (R) - 10/10 

Hannah Billingsley (R) - 0/10

Maura Hirschauer (D) - 0/10

*Support for local manufacturing is determined by 10 questions 

Aris Garcia takes on Democrats in Batavia 

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